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Do You Have a Real Retirement Plan in place?

Do You Have a Real Retirement Plan in place? Hi Friend, My name is Manohar Lal Mattu. I am retiring on 3i Mar 2015. I have a plan in place, how about you? I wanted to take a moment of your time and ask you this question. Is the 40-40-40 plan working for you? You know..., "work 40 hours per week - for 40 years and then after you retire - get paid 40% less of what you earned while you worked "? (AT LEAST THAT'S HOW I UNDERSTAND THE PLAN). Let me put it another way: Do you have a retirement plan or do you have a savings plan for your retirement that is actually working? These are all very real questions that need answers. And although if you are reading this and are about in your 20's and 30's you may not even be thinking this way, but you should and let me tell you why: You can not depend on your government to bail you out, doing so is foolish; You can not depend on some company to take care of you in your old age; let's face it, you can't even depend on the likelihood that your current J*O*B will be there tomorrow. So what's the answer? I have found a plan, it's unique and out-of-the-box-thinking in terms of building a retirement income, but what's best about it is that it works. One24 is the company and it's new. I've recently joined and am already making money which is doubling every month. It's different: you are give 24 green tickets and within 24 months (or less) you are able to build a substantial amount of money to retire on. This is NOT GET RICH QUICK and you will have to put forth some effort so if you are thinking that this is a free ride, don't bother filling out the form. I am looking for some sincere and honest people who are serious about building a retirement fund that will grow and grow. I'd love to show you how to do this and be successful. Get on my list now. If you have a great savings plan that's working for you then this may not be for you, but maybe you know someone who could use this easy to do and affordable business. Just Click on the link below to get more information. God Bless You Fellow Future Millionaire! Manohar Mattu

"Truth about matrices"
"What you need is not just a Forced Matrix, but also a Forced Team Support and a Forced Refer System"

Dear Marketers,
I’m very sure you have been involved in many different types of matrices in your online ventures.
Most of the programs claim that all you have to do is join their 3x7 or similar forced matrices and you’ll be on your way to earn millions of dollars.
Now, I’m sure it seems very attractive to you. After all, each person is only required to refer 3 people. And because it is a forced matrix, it means your upline’s referral will be placed under you when they have already had referred 3 people.
It seems very possible to earn that millions of dollars doesn’t it?
Well, just ask yourself, are you earning that kind of money yet?
No, you’re not. That’s why you’re still searching on the net for an even better system to join.
Well, look no more because you’ll never find a perfect system unless you solve the problem with all matrices out there.
The Problem:
Though the concept of a FORCED MATRIX sounds nice, it simply won’t work because 95% of the people simply do not refer. And the remaining 5% of the people can’t possibly refer the entire matrix of 10000+ people all by themselves.

The Solution:
In addition to having a forced matrix, what we need is FORCED TEAM SUPPORT and FORCED REFER.

If every one in the matrix is helping each other, supporting each other, and motivating each other to refer at least the minimum required people, filling up the matrix and start earning that millions of dollars will no longer be a dream.

And the best part is that everyone in the team is getting PAID by contributing to the team. Therefore, the quality and the effectiveness of their work can be ensured.

contribute their knowledge and to help each other build their own 5x6 matrix.
And you’re welcomed to take your own matrix out to join every online opportunity out there.
After all, why put in so much effort trying to refer for different programs you’re in, when you can simply put in a one time effort with the help of the entire team to build your own matrix?

Don’t miss out the action!!
Simply fill out the form below as a FREE member right away!! You will be able to find out more details and start using your benefits from the member's area  
That’s why all online marketers are gathering at Reality-Networkers.
Remember, it is A LOT easier for each person to refer 5 people, than it is for 1 person to refer 15000+ people.
If you have not been changing your way of referring, it is time to do so now!
Join Today itself:
Manohar Mattu
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